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What's in a name? Kick Yer Grass isn't just about turf care but proper horticultural practices to make the whole garden thrive

Zero-Emission Lawn Care

Lawns needs regular maintenance in order to thrive. We provide:

 Maintenance - Mowing on a regular schedule ensures maximal sun exposure to all grass blades, helps with water retention, and disease control


Watering - We will manage your existing irrigation systems including irrigation clock controller, optimizing the turf's ever-changing water needs year-round


Lawns are heavy feeders and require bimonthly feeding in order to thrive.

Disease Control:

Turfs are under constant threat of outside diseases including invasive insects like grubs (which attract raccoons), and various fungal and bacterial diseases.

Garden Maintenance

It even slips the best horticulturalists minds at times, but gardens are living breathing mini ecosystems that are dependent on our care. 

Gardens are a work of art that need constant human intervention in order to thrive. We practice good horticulture by providing broad spectrum care which includes, aesthetic pruning, disease control & prevention, irrigation management, and fertilizing to name a few.

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